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Stations Menu

La Bonne Cuisine is continuously concocting new, interactive buffet stations.
It gives your guests the opportunity to communicate with the Chef in a creative way.

World Fusion Tacos

Small handmade Corn Tortillas served with
your choice of three of the following options.

Local Tempura Shrimp

with Wasabi Aioli and Napa Slaw

Short Rib Vindaloo

with Raita and Cucumber Tomato Relish

Achiote and Coconut Milk Braised Pork

with Escabeche Pickles, Candied Jalapenos,

Chipotle Crema and Shredded Cabbage

Roasted Loma (Beef)

with Fingerling Potatoes, Roasted Onions, Piquillo Peppers

Cumin Crema, Chopped Cilantro and Queso Fresco

Vegetarian Indian Samosa Filling

Potatoes, Curry, English Peas and Indian Spices

Malaysian-Thai Curry Chicken

with Candied Jalapenos, Pickled Mango and Chopped Cilantro

Ancho Mole Chicken

with Roasted Pineapple, Shredded Cabbage,

Pickled Red Onions and Chopped Cilantro

Crispy Panko Battered Pacific Cod

with Pickled Red Onions, Shredded Cabbage, Cilantro-Pineapple Pesto,

Cucumber-Jicama Pico de Gallo and Fresno Chili Tartar Sauce

Ancho Pork Belly

with Shredded Cabbage, Black Beans, Pickled Mango,

Cucumber-Jicama Pico de Gallo and Salsa Verde

Crispy Calamari

with Pickled Red Onions, Shredded Cabbage,

Cilantro-Pineapple Pesto and Fresno Chili Tartar Sauce


Coq au Vin, Petite Potatoes and Mushrooms

Grill & Mist

Interactive station in which guests are invited
to increase flavors of Kebab by mist.

Choose Four of the Following:
Pesto Marinated Filet Mignon
Dijon Pork Tenderloin
Mint Marinated Lamb
Rosemary Monk Fish
Lemon Grass Sea Scallops
Pastis Prawns
Herb Tofu

Mist to Include:
Basil, Spicy Orange, Black Garlic

Mashed Potato & White Truffle Beignet

Grilled Winter Farmers’ Market Vegetables
with Balsamic Creme Fraiche


Select a few salads from our lush selection.
Let your guests choose their own dressing.
Our salad tenders will dress, shake and serve in a martini glass!
* Waldorf Salad * Organic Field Greens with Cocoa Nibs & Champagne Vinaigrette
* Salad Nicoise * Asian Chicken Salad * Caesar Salad * Cobb Salad * Chef’s Salad *
* Ceviche Style * And More! *


Start with our creamy mashed russet potatoes.
Choose additions for your guests to select from.
Our culinary staff will present your guests their savory treat in a sorbet bowl.
* Bacon * Cheeses * Fresh Herbs * English Pea * Curry * Broccoli *
* Spinach * Sweet Potato * Endless Possibilities *

Top your Mashtini Cocktail with a Fire Roasted Treat from our Skewers Station

Skewers Station

Pesto Marinated Filet Mignon, Dijon Pork Tenderloin, Citrus Garlic Chicken, Minted Lamb, Rosemary Monk Fish, Lemon Grass Sea Scallops, Pastis Marinated Prawns, Herbed Tofu
The list goes on!

Mexican Fiesta

Enjoy our corn tortillas, made fresh on-site.
We offer the freshest grilled vegetables of the season.

Then, have your guests picking their filling:
Carne Asada Beef, Cumin & Chile Ground Beef, Grilled Adobo Chicken, Special “Pastor” Pork, Carnitas, Garlic Chile Prawns, Lime Grilled Catch of the Day, and Tofu Ranchero
Round out the dish with fresh chile peppers, cilantro, House Fresh salsas, avocados, cheeses & Mexican style sour cream.

Seafood Fantasy

Oysters, Shucked on Site,  with Lemon Wedges, Cocktail Sauce & Shallots Red Wine Vinegar
Pastis Marinated Steamed Mussels
Scallops and Rock Shrimps Ceviche,
Dungeness Crab Salad served on Bamboo Plates
Herbs of Provence Marinated Prawns with Aioli

Garden Station

Assorted Grilled Marinated Seasonal Vegetables Served in Cascade

Imported Cheese Trays

Finest Imported and Local Cheese
Served with Candied Walnut and Pecans
With Seasonal Fresh Cut Fruits

Portobello and Black Truffle Soup

Served in an Asian Cup

Mini Caesar Salad

Served in Toasted Baguette Ring
Topped with Parmesan and Dressed with Creamy Dressing

Earth Station

French Sushi

Grilled Beef Filet Mignon Slices
served with Bearnaise on Potato Beignet

Cumin Roasted Pork

Wild Mushroom Sauce
on Cilantro & Roasted Chile Mashed Potatoes

Grilled Duck Breast Crepes

Served with Scallions, Cucumber Julienne and Hoisin Sauce

Pan Seared Sea Bass

Miso Glaze, Crispy Fried shallots, Citrus Confetti
on Shiitake Mushroom Rice “Cake”