Our Food

The food was perfect. Perfectly timed, perfectly presented. Gourmet in every way.
— Eric

Our Philosophy

We believe that food is a key element of your event - it is a reflection of who you are.

We also believe in setting trends; not following them.  

At La Bonne Cuisine, we are a bunch of foodies; just like you.  We have fun creating unique experiences that not only appeal to your taste, but also the rest of your senses.  We know the food at your event not only has to be delicious,  but it also has to be Instagram-worthy!

Our Approach

Chef Christophe Kubiak brings a very unique perspective and approach to our menu.  A classically trained French chef, he found his calling in incorporating French technique and California ingredients while cooking World cuisine.  This has translated into expertly prepared food that surprises the tastebuds and excites the eyes.

We believe in using ingredients when they are in season, and use organic as much as possible.  Our kitchen operates under strict sustainability guidelines.  We follow Monterey Aquarium Seafood Guidelines.

Customized Menu

Each event is completely different and it is treated as such.  We will take into account your budget, event location, season, your taste and your guests’ profile to create a customized menu for you.  Our offerings also include many of the World’s cuisines.  

Contact us to so you can start getting inspired!  


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