Your Wedding is Our Priority

Your wedding is the most important day of your life. It will be our most important day too. With La Bonne Cuisine Catering and Events, you will be the only wedding of the day, and our entire team will be dedicated to your needs. Not only do we promise the finest cuisine and service for your event, but we also have the professional experience and style to make this a day your friends, family and you will remember for a lifetime.


We will work with you and your event planner to create a menu that reflects your good taste, cultural heritage and themes. Our chefs’ attention to detail and international flair will make the menu most memorable.

Beverage Services

La Bonne Cuisine Catering is a licensed and insured full-service beverage catering company equipped to accommodate any type and size event. We offer a selection of beverage packages, and can even create a unique specialty cocktail, just for your wedding.

Presentation and Decor

Our designers create amazing and unexpected experiences that will leave your guests talking long after the party is over. We are always looking for new ways to showcase our extraordinary cuisine and come up with design concepts that complement your vision. Let us bring the “wow” factor.

Our Food

“The food was perfect. Perfectly timed, perfectly presented. Gourmet in every way.” — Eric

Our Philosophy

We believe that food is a key element of your event - it is a reflection of who you are. We also believe in setting trends; not following them. At La Bonne Cuisine, we are a bunch of foodies; just like you. We have fun creating unique experiences that not only appeal to your taste, but also the rest of your senses. We know the food at your event not only has to be delicious, but it also has to be Instagram-worthy!

Our Approach

Our chef brings a very unique perspective and approach to our menu. He found his calling in incorporating French technique and California ingredients while cooking World cuisine. This has translated into expertly prepared food that surprises the tastebuds and excites the eyes. We believe in using ingredients when they are in season, and use organic as much as possible. Our kitchen operates under strict sustainability guidelines.

Customized Menu

Each event is completely different and it is treated as such. We will take into account your budget, event location, season, your taste and your guests’ profile to create a customized menu for you. Our offerings also include many of the World’s cuisines. Contact us to so you can start getting inspired!






Design and Florals

We know that a wedding is not just about that day; it’s about creating memories that will last a lifetime. We will work with you, taking into consideration your vision and budget, to transform your event venue into a space that, for that one day, will be uniquely yours, for you and your guests to enjoy and remember forever.


Our florists have been creating personalized and innovative flower arrangements. They have built a reputation for excellence and are well known for their original flair with color and texture.

Amy Burke Designs

Amy Burke Designs is a family owned and operated business in South San Franciso. They are inspired by their clients, the natural world, and the challenge and excitement of creating a space and environment that feels unique to each wedding.


This service is especially designed for the couples who have planned every aspect of their wedding on their own, but want complete freedom from having to manage any details on their special day. The benefit of using La Bonne Cuisine as your coordinator is that we will have already developed a relationship with you from the beginning of the planning process. Our in-house day-of-coordinator will make sure your wedding goes as planned, and that your only concern that day will be to have a good time. Contact us for more details on what our day-of-coordinator can do for you.

Want More Information?

    Tell us more about your event. Helpful information would be: type of event, how many guests you are expecting, if you have a venue already (if not, we can help you!) and whether you require bar service and rentals. Don't worry if you don't have all the details. We look forward to guiding you through the process!
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